So after the attack on Charlie Hebdo the magazine plans on once again featuring a degrading caricature created about the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

What I would like to know is haven’t they learnt a lesson?  Okay yes, those killings were absolutely not something we as Muslims condone or support, but hasn’t the Magazine realized that they are creating material offensive and hateful to 2 billion people. That’s a lot of people to pick on. What’s more is that the nature of this crowd is different. This is a crowd much more sentimental and much more prone to become defensive of things related to Islam. I know that many liberals want to just brush away this thing by saying Muslims need to be able to accept criticism and accept freedom of speech, but the sickening thing about this is that this is not about freedom of speech.

Had it been so then France would not have been banning hijab and bullying so many Muslims because of their dress code.If we value freedom of speech so much then let freedom of speech apply to all and not just to a certain group we fancy. The fact that most Muslims will be angered and will definitely feel insulted by this caricature is because of the holiness and sanctity of the character the magazine aims at attacking.

The West has in the name of Liberalism insulted and made fun of many religious symbols over and over again, and named that freedom of speech.

The degradation of all things sacred has just become a trend lately by Western Media and I think that this is something that crosses the limit of freedom of speech.

There has to be a line and limit to how free your speech can be and how necessary that freedom is in its context.

I don’t see any point in insulting a Prophet that is held dear to such a large majority of people in that way. We should ask ourselves is this causing more good or more harm?

Aren’t we fueling Islamophobia and alienating Muslims who by the way form a very large part of European societies ?

Aren’t we creating reason for terrorists to take advantage of ?

True freedom of speech is very necessary, but then you have journalist who really have been reporting the truth and have been jailed for it. There are countless journalists being killed by dictators and the world has never marched like it did for Charlie Hebdo ?

The double standards need to stop. The same killers from ISIS are murdering hundreds daily in Syria and Iraq and yet those lives don’t seem to anger people as much as the deaths of a few French cartoonists have.

If freedom of speech is the banner we want to carry in this march then let that freedom of speech be for one and all.