Gaza…a tiny piece of land, home to 1.4 million Palestinians.
Eight days of non-stop bombardment, killing, maiming and pain.
201 civilian casualties and over 1500 injured.
The death tolls rising by the minute as the world leaders stand by the terrorist state Israel, who is the only one in this massacre, not war, massacre- who has the right to defend itself.

Western Governments and Media are blatantly covering up Israel’s shameful genocide by repeatedly blaming Hamas for firing rockets into Israel, for not wanting to agree to a “ceasefire”.
Gaza is an open air prison, being attacked by air, land and sea by a merciless, brutal force that has deliberately targeted children, elderly, disability centers, schools, hospitals and basically everyone and everything.
The rockets that Hamas fire are A. in self-defense and B. caused no fatalities due to Israel’s Iron Dome Air Defense System.
Yet the utter disregard for human life on the part of Israel has been evident by the horrendous pictures and footage that has come out of Gaza and circulated online.
Children have been the top victims in these attacks. They have either been crushed to death as their homes collapsed on them or died due to shrapnel’s hitting them. The war crimes do not end there.
Doctors treating patients in Gaza have accused Israel of using dangerous experimental weapons.
The health ministry in Gaza told reporters at a press conference on Sunday that medical teams have registered wounds consistent with those caused by DIME (dense inert metal explosives) and other banned weapons. Weapons such as these in the hands of an inhuman racist State become the unfortunate cause for destroying lives of helpless victims in horrendous ways. It doesn’t end there.
Israel has cut off water supply to Gaza for all these days causing water shortage in a time when people are most in need of it.

It makes one think what type of world are we living in?
Where the oppressor is praised and the oppressed blamed.
It would seem Israel is intending to wipe out the whole Gaza population with the West patting her on the back.
The masses are not buying it though.
Protests have stirred all over Europe and the world with anti-Zionist Jews protesting and condemning what Israel is doing in their name.
Then there’s those Israeli’s who sit on Mount Sderot, popcorn and snacks in hand, cheering at every bomb that hits Gaza.
Israel has just re-affirmed in the eyes of the world the terrorist state it is.