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People fascinate me. I wish that I realized my love for people at a much earlier stage in my life so that I spent more time “consciously” observing them.
I love sitting anywhere and just watching different people and wondering what their life stories could be.
Is she happily married to him? Will he become rich someday? What type of girl/guy was he/she when they were young? What is he/she thinking about right now? These are the type of questions that run through my head while observing people.
I could just sit there and watch people forever. In fact sometimes I wish I could become invisible so I could do just that.

God made humans so intricately.
Think about it – each person is a whole world in one entity. To discover each person’s entire self, every facet of his being is impossible, even science and technology have failed at that. It is this mystery; this undiscovered treasure that keeps me so in love with this creation of God.
It’s so amazing to know that this very factor of intrigue is what makes us social creatures and what creates the desire to interact and get to know people in our worlds.
Imagine how unexciting life would be if every single person was literally like “an open book”. There would be nothing we needed to know about the other person and we would have no interest socializing at all.
My God! Just the thought of it is so full of lethargy.

But crazy as it sounds, many people are living a life that is very similar to the horrid picture I just gave.
They are so disconnected and so unsocial that it hurts to only think of what they are doing to themselves and those around them.
It hurts to think of all the extraordinary little joys of life that they are missing out on.
Digital connection seems to have taken the place of human connection in so many lives.
People are no longer interested in observing the living ‘face-books’ around them as much as they are in the Facebook online, or listening to the live “tweets” around them as much as they observe Twitter online.
I’m talking about how we have lost the patience to take in the beautiful social network around us, the many human beings in our reach and who each are full of unique life stories, ideas, dreams and imaginations of their own.
It would be more rewarding to listen to a real person tell you “what’s on their mind” and feel a real person “like” you for doing so.

If we begin to really value people around us and understand that they are so much more than the little we assume they are, if we really take out the time to look a little closer, listen a little harder and try to really connect with people, a whole new world would open up to us.
Humans are really signs of Gods miraculous creation and pondering upon this beautiful creation brings one closer to its beautiful Maker.
Thank God for wrapping up this gift in a mystery. Thank God for making each person a marvelous wonder.