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At a glance back in time, I’d say that the world we live in has changed so drastically and so suddenly its quite astounding.The ungradual transition has left behind on one side a generation groping for familiar grounds , and another soaring hungrily for more of the newer and later technologies, “modern culture” and “lifestyle”. The generation gap between the two is unprecedented.

Long gone are the days where parents could get hold of their children without having to send them a trail of text messages or phone calls when they are really only upstairs, in their bedrooms. Family meals together, as far as I can remember, was once a very important part of life. Nowadays people hardly have time for those precious moments of family bonding and communion. It goes with it to say that meals aren’t even prepared with the care and love they were back then. “Fast foods” and “take aways” have taken place of the healthy homemade meals.

Every one seems to be in this rat race against time, wanting to get done with virtually everything before its even started. The element of care, effort,patience, perseverence and tolerance has diminished so much so that all we ever want, during jobs which essentially need our particular attention, and for which we are dutiful, is “just to get it over and done with.”

Where once upon a time we visited family and knew our neighbours, we took the time to write letters and get them posted if we were too far apart- today there’s hardly time to pick up the phone and call a relative to ask how they’re doing. We have hours and hours of time for TV and shopping but hardly a few minutes to pray. We have forever to waste on idle talk,gossiping and slander, but no time for a kind word or two, no time to pick up a wrapper thats lying around, no time to ponder nature and all its splendor, no time to ponder God at all.

I know very well that each and everything mentioned here does not necessarily apply to each and every person but the point is that all of us have somehow consciously or unconsciously, somewhere along the line, lost an important part of our beings, to a very different “time” if you like. An age where simple little values of life, once strongly upheld spreading compassion and love among people, and through which civilization and culture inculcated a richness, has been lost somewhere along the path to all the progress and modernization of the world.
Ironically the “modern” man has become more primitive morally, I should say.Even as his power grew materially, so did his greed and selfishness. The modern age brought him Technological advancements which he had intended to use for the good of man in his “primitive” initial stage but becoming a “god” suddenly made him fear losing any of the glory, and so he went about using the same tools he had invented for good, to cause all the havoc he’s caused.

Today the same medicines people imagine will cure them of their ailment spreads more disease than cure, and the same plants and animals we imagine will provide us with the goodness of nature, have been turned toxic in genetic labs. We the “modern” have created the biggest wars in history for business.We sell arms with hearts of stone and fuel fights and divisions.

Where we know that the element of sharing and caring ruled even among the primitive cave men, it is quite a shame that the modern man can look at millions of hungry children dying in Africa and not be moved. That he can silently watch his old parent driven to old age home, while he lavishingly sits in his mansion and not die of shame is a shame in itself.

I know for a fact that justice was an epitome in a large number of primitive societies, and yet today the oppressed defending his home is called a “terrorist”, the Opressor committing genocide is called a “friend”. The one tearing down 1400 olive trees is silently cheered, and the child who has nothing but a stone to combat a tank is condemned.

I wonder sometimes, does modernisation mean we can pollute and poison the worlds Waters ending immense amount of aquatic life and inevitably killing humans who drink it, harming animals and wildlife and hurting the ecosystem and Earth itself ?
And then I know that without a doubt, man as a cavesman had higher moral standards than man today as a “modern” inhuman being. Was all of Mans Modern achievements worth losing his humanity at the end of the day? Was it ?