I had a dream that an olive tree grew big and tall out of the heart of Palestine. Like a mother would hold her child in her bosom it shaded all of Palestine. From its oil shone a warm luminous glow bringing wanderers from far and wide towards the warm promise of light. The children of Palestine climbed the tree and played hide and seek among her leaves. The song of their laughter echoing  in the hollow of her bark where she saved each giggle and chuckle forever. The elders rested on her roots as they told Palestine’s story to the women who smiled lovingly, watering the tree with their tears of joy and whispers of prayer.

And as i looked on this sight of peace, i held my breath in awe. I did not want to blink for once, in fear i might awake. Then slowly ever so sadly, they all began to fade…  and in their fading did i hear the call of a tree. A tree whose roots are in the heart, a tree of Palestine.

She called out “oh my children… oh my home.” and i woke in tears recalling the millions of trees uprooted by Israel, leaving Palestinian families crippled and in poverty. Not only has Israel uprooted their lives, but has uprooted the thousand year old trees which have been the only source of livelihood for most.

On the 25th April 2012 Israel ordered Palestinian farmers in Deir Istiya, a major West Bank olive producing village, to uproot 1,400 trees by 02 May 2012. By comparison, this order is 400 more trees than the total number uprooted in all of 2011.

What is going to happen to all those farmers who depend on the trees for their income? The uprooting of these trees is an unjust and inhuman act and should be spoken against by the international community.