They say giving off of one’s self is a way to finding one’s self. I always thought it had to mean something extraordinary, and yet it turned out to be so simple. Ever since my childhood, I have been a great lover of mountains. The sight of mountains has always had a hypnotic effect on my senses and I cannot help but to remain in awe of its majestic presence. I suppose it is the sacred silence with which it is able to speak to my soul that leaves me so lost in its wonders.

As I walked down a mountain path one day, I came upon an old man dressed in tatters, sitting beneath a tree. He held a rosary in his hand and his lips moved silently in prayer.He held the most pure look of serenity and detachment from the pains of this world.Despite his pitiful state of poverty, there was nothing pitiable about his aura. In his silent prayer he smiled, as if savouring every moment of closeness to God through nature. The vision of him was one I wished to save with me forever, because of the sacred silence with which it spoke. He was so much like the mountains I so loved to behold. I went up to him and offered him some money, which he accepted I’d say with very little eagerness. I expected him to thank me and pray for me as beggars usually do. Yet he did the strangest thing. He cupped his hands, raised them to the sky, and graciously thanked God over and over. He then continued his praising of God in a whisper, detached from all around him. I felt so invisible, yet so dazed at the realization that had just struck me that moment.

And there that moment, I found a part of that “self” we are promised when giving unto others. I realized that I am not the giver here. No matter how much I give, I give of what He has given me. Even my Self, entirely belongs to Him. The true Giver is He, the Almighty God of the heavens and earth. We are but blessed vehicles of God’s sacred work, if He chooses us to be. We become doors God opens up to those who knock in need calling unto Him.

Thus all praise is unto Him, Lord of the creation.